Strukturní modelování

Strukturní modelování

V jarním semestru  proběhl kurz kvantitativního modulu s názvem  Strukturní modelování. Vedl ho Maarten van Zalk z Örebro University (Švédsko).

Modul: kvantitativní

Kód: PSY028 a SOC931c

Vyučující: Maarten van Zalk (Örebro University, Švédsko)

Termín konání: výuka 16. – 22. květen 2011

Vyučovací jazyk: angličtina

Course Title: Structural Equation Modeling: Theory and Appliance

Annotation :

This course reviews the theoretical background and application of data analysis with structural equation modelling (SEM) techniques. The course will be composed of two integral parts: Theory and Application (using MPlus software). First, the course will provide an overview of general theoretical and statistical concepts and assumptions of SEM framework. The course will deal with the issues of model building, model comparison, model specification and identification for several modeling techniques (e.g., path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation models, multiple-group modeling).The conceptual overviews of each analytical technique will be illustrated by relevant examples. In the application part, the students will learn how to use MPlus software to specify and test the models discussed theoretically. Students are required to complete practice assignments to enhance their understanding of the statistical techniques, and develop skills of independently applying analytical procedures.

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